Canon PowerShot D30 – Best Under Water Camera for You

Underwater, in the snow or sand – the choice is yours. The Canon PowerShot D30 is one of most durable under water cameras available, a device that can withstand diving as deep as 25 meters (82 feet) underwater for a whole hour, which is very impressive and respectable.

Durable beast for every occasion.

Canon PowerShot D30

The items’ durability allows it to operate in temperatures as low as minus 10 degrees C (14 degrees Fahrenheit). That means you can take it skiing in your pocket if you want. It is also dustproof, so killer desert photos are also an option if that’s your thing.

It is a perfect camera for all those who don’t know where their adventurous spirit will take them next, as it can work perfectly fine in a lot of different settings and environments.

Beautiful underwater images

Canon Powershot creates fantastic underwater images, with a lot of vibrant colors, clarity, and brightness. It is great for capturing colorful sea life, keeping it as lively in reality. It is perhaps not as sharp as some other cameras out there, and when you zoom in you can see a bit of a lack of detail in comparison.

When it comes to taking land pictures, there’s a bit of grain present when zoomed in, which may be a result of 12.1 megapixels this camera has as opposed to 16 megapixels that are somewhat standard today when it comes to underwater cameras. Overall, the quality of images taken with this camera is very pleasing, especially when it comes to separating neutral colors – a crucial feature for image sharpness.

Full of different features

Canon Powershot has a lot of built-in features that can make you fall in love with it. One of it is GPS that uses geotagging to help you make a map of all the places you have been to. Video recording is in 1080p which is an HD standard in today’s camera world. It also includes face detection and image stabilization which can be very useful if you like taking photos while moving.

Minor flaws

The only thing this camera lacks is Wi-Fi connectivity. That can make it a bit more difficult to transfer your images to other smart devices since it cannot upload it immediately. It is not as easy to navigate the menus in this camera as there are different navigation options for different camera parameters, and that can be a bit difficult for average user


Overall, this fella delivers a top bang for the buck, and all the minor flaws pale in comparison when the price tag is added to the mix. A thumbs up from here!

Price: 299.00
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