Top 4 Budget Friendly Underwater Cameras

For all you folks looking for the best cheap underwater camera, we have to say that finding one is no mean feat. There’s a lot of junk out there, so we took extra caution when testing out the goods to really choose the cameras that are usable and offer top bang for the buck. Our quest yielded four champions, check them out below!

Panasonic DMC-TS30R LUMIX

Panasonic DMC-TS30R

This camera is great for taking it to the beach in your pocket. It is very small and also very light. Pictures taken with it don’t have as much quality as those taken with more expensive cameras, as its sharpness or color range are a bit lower in comparison, but when the price is taken into consideration, you’re looking at a top product. It doesn’t have any Wi-Fi or GPS capabilities, which is a bit of a letdown, but given its price, it is a great buy.

Price: $ 138.00
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Nikon Coolpix S33


This camera is easy to use underwater, offering solid image quality and a very rugged and functional design. The S33 digital camera doesn’t give you complete control, which is actually good seeing that users of cheaper cams want products that are first of all easy to use. But even though the image quality isn’t the best there is, this camera offers a lot of very useful features, like 1080p video recording. It has an image stabilizer as well as face detection that keeps all your images in great focus.

Price: $ 129.00
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Fujifilm FinePix XP80

Fujifilm FinePix XP80

This camera comes with great underwater and shockproof ratings and even though it can endure a lot, it doesn’t really feel rugged and rough. The casing is made of hard, but smooth plastic, while image quality is solid, with the device offering pictures looking bright and soft blue. The camera menu is easy to navigate through a menu button on the back which opens up a very simple and easy menu. This waterproof camera can take as much as 210 pictures on a single charge. The image sensor has a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels.

Price: $ 145.00
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SVP Aqua 5500 18 MP Dual Screen Waterproof Digital Camera

SVP Aqua 5500

This underwater camera is waterproof up to three meters underwater, which is great for exploring shallow waters and capturing all of its beauties. It is also dust-proof and shock-resistant up to 1.5 meters, which means it’s durable enough to allow you to engage in other outdoor activities. At 18 megapixels in resolution, the Aqua 5500 offers one of the top resolutions for an underwater digital camera, and it is one of the cheapest you can find.

Price: $ 48.00
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