Olympus Stylus TG-870 – Perfect Underwater Camera under $300

If you want a perfect underwater camera for under $300, we have just the thing. It’s called Olympus Stylus TG-870, we took it our for a test run, check out our conclusions in the full review below!

Breath-taking underwater images

Olympus TG-870

This is one of the best when it comes to underwater cameras pictures. It captures really sharp and vibrant colors, with a great color range. Images taken with this camera are an accurate representation of underwater reality. It has great focus and contrast, with images staying clear when you zoom in, and image quality is really best that can be.

Pictures taken on land with this camera show a barely noticeable grain when zoomed in, and the contrast is not as smooth as with pictures from the underwater realm. The shutter speed ranges from half a second to 1/2,000 of a second – excellent values for catching fast-moving objects.

High durability, long battery life

This camera is powered by a Li-ion battery which can take 300 pictures on a single charge, and that is very best when it comes to longevity. There is a record button for video on the back of the camera, as well as a menu button, playback button, and scene selector. It is very easy and simple to navigate through the menus since the internal menu is made out of the simple layout. It is also easy to adjust parameters.

The Olympus underwater digital camera has a sliding mechanism for locking the door to seal the battery and it’s very simple to use. The body of this waterproof camera consists of metal, and a hard plastic outlining on its front. This helps you get a tight grip, which can be very good if your hands are wet.

This camera can go to 15 meters (50 feet) under water and can take a hit from the height of 15 meters (7 feet), pairing up in that department with other top cameras. It is also dustproof and won’t freeze even at minus 10 degrees C (14 degrees Fahrenheit).

Helps you make a map of places you’ve visited

This underwater camera has both built-in Wi-Fi and GPS and it uploads pictures made to mobile phones. Built-in GPS means that you don’t have to remember where you took some photo because it will do that for you automatically by geo-tagging your images. It also has an application which you can use a remote control for the camera.

This is one of the best underwater cameras out there, and possibly the best cheaper underwater cam. It includes all the standard features such as image stabilization, focus lock, and many others. All images taken are taken in 1080p HD resolution, which is very nice. When all is said and combined, the TG-870 is perfect for all those who want to save memories from underwater in the best quality available. Good stuff!

Price: $ 279.00
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