Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 – Best Underwater Camera for Holidays

If you are looking for the best underwater camera for holidays to take with you this summer, we believe we have the answer – the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX30. Affordable, top-notch and elegant, this is one mean machine. Check out the full review below!



Sleekest of them all

This cam may not be as rugged as a portion of the other models on the market, but do NOT think even for a slight second that it’s prone to physical damage! The gizmo can in fact reach the depth of up to 10 meters (which is 33 feet) and survive a heavy drop from 1.5 meters (which is 5 feet). There are devices that are capable of going deeper, but this is realistically more than enough for users to enjoy their vacation. It’s one of the smallest devices available on the market, and can snuggly fit into your pocket on your way to the beach. It also happens to be very smooth with nicely rounded edges.

This waterproof camera is rather elegant, all black with a nifty metal slider to keep the lens safe. Therefore, even if we’re not looking at the most durable camera on the market, this fella can nonetheless take some solid beating.

Many features to explore on holiday

Apart than being capable of shooting underwater images, this underwater camera can also capture high-quality 1080p video. It utilizes a touchscreen on the back side with additional menu options organized in a simple, user-friendly way. The touchscreen works both in underwater mode and dry regime, which was a rather pleasant surprise if we might add. The majority of touchscreens have issues if the user’s fingertips are as much as slightly moist, but that does apply to this bad boy!

Even complete newbies can easily use this cam and navigate through a variety of its features. You can apply cool photo effects to your images and capture panoramic photos, or use the burst mode to capture multiple pictures in a second. The gizmo also utilizes a face detection feature to keep the desired human subjects in proper focus, a pretty useful feature that will make your photos look more professional.

Great for underwater adventures

Photos taken underwater have an above-average quality, which is of course quite nice. The color saturation is top-notch and vibrant. On the other hand, images do lose a pinch of sharpness when zooming in, but still far from enough to cause any concern.

This cam is capable of taking up to 250 images on one battery charge. It’s a tad different from the majority most underwater cameras that can take more than 300, but once again – no biggie. This is good stuff for the listed price, highly recommended!

Price: $ 339.00
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